I’m John R. Goodman, author of the novel Death, Dot & Daisy and Dogs and Cats and Other Lifeforms. I have adapted Great Expectations for the stage

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Great Expectations

This summer (2022) Progress Theatre will be presenting Great Expectations in the ruins of Reading Abbey. The script is on Amazon and tickets are available. I had long had a hankering to direct a classic novel for the stage and Dickens seemed an obvious place to start. Charles Dickens himself was an enthusiast for theatre, … More Great Expectations

Jacob Bronowski and me

From 11 to 16 October 2021, I will be playing the part of Jacob “Bruno” Bronowski in Progress Theatre’s production of SECRET LIFE OF HUMANS I was a callow young man when The Ascent of Man was first broadcast, and it was the first documentary television series that really gripped me. Years later, when I … More Jacob Bronowski and me

Dog on a Beach

Progress Theatre recorded this lockdown version of Dog on a Beach which you can find in my short play collection Dogs and Cats and other Lifeforms, available at bargain prices on Kindle and in paperback. Some people think this is a play about dogs, but it’s really a play about philosophy and happiness. It’s just … More Dog on a Beach


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