Not About Zombies

Titles are tricky aren’t they? Names of things: characters, places, plays, stories, novels are black holes of indecision, sucking in my imagination from a distance and emitting the Hawking radiation of ambivalence. Sometimes, I can spend more time in a session using find and replace than typing new words.

So, I am very grateful to Progress Theatre for staging some of my work in their annual WriteFest events. In 2017, I submitted — anonymously, as per the rules — a short play called A Little Nibble. It was staged and recorded and you can see the result above. But I had changed my mind — or someone had changed it for me — because I had planned to call it Not About Zombies. Then when I included the play in my collection Dogs and Cats and Other Lifeforms, I changed my mind back and now it’s called Not About Zombies again.

So there you have it. It’s sort of about a little nibble and it’s not about zombies.

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