Great Expectations

This summer (2022) Progress Theatre will be presenting Great Expectations in the ruins of Reading Abbey. The script is on Amazon and tickets are available. I had long had a hankering to direct a classic novel for the stage and Dickens seemed an obvious place to start. Charles Dickens himself was an enthusiast for theatre, … More Great Expectations

Dog on a Beach

Progress Theatre recorded this lockdown version of Dog on a Beach which you can find in my short play collection Dogs and Cats and other Lifeforms, available at bargain prices on Kindle and in paperback. Some people think this is a play about dogs, but it’s really a play about philosophy and happiness. It’s just … More Dog on a Beach


Yes, Death, Dot & Daisy has a new cover. Created by Esther Arzola of Biscuit Town Designs, who I can wholeheartedly recommend. It also has an updated blurb at Amazon and both, I hope, represent a more professional image. The book is gaining some enthusiastic reviews on Amazon, so I am hopeful that more readers … More …and…Recovered


If you have a paperback copy of Death, Dot & Daisy that looks like this, then you may have a future collectors item. A new cover design is coming soon. If you don’t, then order today at !

Not About Zombies

Titles are tricky aren’t they? Names of things: characters, places, plays, stories, novels are black holes of indecision, sucking in my imagination from a distance and emitting the Hawking radiation of ambivalence. Sometimes, I can spend more time in a session using find and replace than typing new words. So, I am very grateful to … More Not About Zombies